I'm Vee, the founder of Cocoa Made. Through the perspective of a black woman, I help people understand the fundamentals of self-care, its key roll in maintaining overall well-being, and how to apply it to their daily lives. 

If I were to be honest, I'd tell you that some years ago, my life was far from what I just described above. Within the span of a year, I lost my younger brother, lost my job of 15 years, developed an anxiety disorder and begin having chronic migraines. Mind you, I still thought I had things somewhat under control. I was oh so wrong!

After being broken down to my lowest point, I realized that I would have to find a way to pull myself out of the gutter, so to speak. Through therapy, lots of reading and a ton of self-reflection and soul searching, I was able to thrust myself into a better head space. I now truly understand the importance of self-care and the role it plays in our mental health and complete wellness.

These are the reasons why it was paramount for me to create our Cocoa Made community on social media, the Feel Good Gift Shop and to become an advocate for self-care. It's because I know there's healing in community. I know other people who look like me have felt the angst of depression, anxiety, racial injustice, PTSD, etc., and I believe that together, we have a better chance at healing.

I thank you whole-heartedly for your support, and look forward to connecting with you, and hopefully being a part of each other's journey.

Much love,