Looking for a great gift idea for your coffee or tea loving valentine to go along with that Valentine card? Well, you're in luck, because we happen to have some great gift ideas that we're sure your love will thank you for.


Love Mug - $7.99 (price at the time of this post)

This one is kind of a no brainer. People who drink coffee or tea, love mugs! In fact, they are somewhat of mug connoisseurs. Instead of shamelessly plugging our amazing mugs, we are sharing this cute little mug from World Market. It's sweet and to the point. It's so cute, it's like you have to buy it! Definitely a must have for the collection.

Krispy's Café Latté - $10.50 (price at the time of this post)

Even non coffee lovers can appreciate this one. Krispys Café Latté by See's Candies is an all time favorite! Krispys are a delicious coffee flavored, wafer styled candy. They're crunchy and covered in milk chocolate. If you get this one, you may just want to buy a couple of boxes, because we don't think your valentine will want to share.


Live Love Laugh Coffee Tote - $12.95- $21 (price at the time of this post)

Lucky for you, our Live Love Laugh Coffee tees and totes just arrived! Your little coffee fiend can proudly wear their love for coffee in style.



Bath & Body Candle - $24.50 (price at the time of this post)

Sometimes just the smell of coffee is enough to make a coffee lovers day. Bath & Body Works carries the White Caramel Cold Brew candle.  This is the next best thing to having an actual cup of joe. It smells so much like the real thing, you'll swear you're sitting in a coffee shop in Vienna somewhere.


Coffee Beanery Gift basket$24.95 (price at the time of this post)

This Breakfast in Bed coffee basket from the Coffee Beanery is like getting the best of both worlds.  Your valentine not only gets some delicious coffee, they might just get some breakfast in bed. On this side of town, we call that, winning! The Breakfast in Bed basket is a small sized basket, but if you look at the Coffee Beanery's collection of baskets, there are plenty to choose from.


DeLonghi Espresso machine$121.99 (price at the time of this post)

If you want all the points, go for the DeLonghi Espresso machine. You can find it cheaper at Best Buy, than anywhere else. Your valentine will forever be in your good graces for this one. Now they can experience café quality coffee right at home! It's important to note; If they've never owned an espresso machine, make sure they read the directions on this baby before operating. That way, they get that perfect cup of goodness each and every time.





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