Real Ways You Can Treat Stretch Marks

Statistics say that 75 to 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks, 70% of adolescent females develop them, and 40% of adolescent males also develop stretch marks. So yeah, it appears as though a majority of the world is covered in these loving striations! 

If you're saying to yourself, "Yeah, that's great and all, but I hate my stretchies and they need to go!" We totally understand!  Although surgery and laser treatment are the only known ways to completely remove stretch marks, there are ways that you can make them less noticeable, and we are going to share some of those things with you below:

Exfoliate regularly

This encourages the skin to regenerate by stimulating new collagen and elastin to create a more normal appearance of the skin. Improvement can takes months, so it's important to be patient and religious about your regimen. Sugar is a well known gentle exfoliator and sweet almond oil helps to gently dislodge debris from deep within skin pores and follicles.

Get your vitamins

In particular, Vitamin A is known for its ability to help the skin to appear more smooth and youthful.  You can use topicals that contain the vitamin or you can get them through diet. has a list of stretch mark products that received top reviews. You can double down on getting your vitamin A by adding it to your diet, with foods like carrots, sweet potatoes and kale, which are great sources.

Moisturize & protect

It's important to keep the skin moisturized. Certain oils and butters have long been touted for their ability to help reduce the appearance of scars. Amongst those are coconut oil and cocoa butter.

Coconut oil is able to penetrate your skin on a deeper level than your average product because of its low molecular weight and the way it bonds with proteins. Cocoa butter contains compounds called cocoa mass polyphenols, which some studies have found can help diminish signs of aging, plus soothe sensitive skin to boot!

Drink water

We know you've heard this 50 million times already, but there's real science behind it!  A well hydrated body will also help to increase the elasticity of your skin. Regular water intake will help your body to flush toxins out of your system that can retard skin regeneration. As it turns out, drinking your water and minding your business really is beneficial!

We would like to say that there's nothing wrong with having stretch marks. There are more of us that have stretchies than those who don't. Whether you have them or not, it's important to learn to lovingly embrace your body, "flaws" and all, and not allow society to dictate what it means to be beautiful. You're not beautiful because someone says you are, you're beautiful because you exist!




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