5 Ways To Start Liking Monday

If you're anything like most people, your dread of Monday usually starts early Sunday evening. That's when the countdown begins. You start anguishing over the number of hours you have left before you have to hear the blaring sound of your alarm, after you've hit snooze for the third time! Ughhh!

What if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way? Not only that, you can actually learn to love Mondays, therefore decreasing your stress levels, therefore contributing to your overall health. It's true! I know your hate for Monday runs deep, but just keep reading. I just might make a believer out of you!

Get your mind right

Perception is everything. If you tell yourself Mondays suck, then they will. Start training your brain to like Mondays by speaking positive words about it. You can up the ante by using Monday as a day to treat yo'self! Order extra caramel in your latte or take a bath with some of your favorite bath products (hint hint). Basically, flip the mental script by making Monday a day to look forward to.


Don't party too hardy

I know! What's the weekend if you can't turn up! Turning up isn't the problem, it's knowing when to turn down. Limit your alcohol intake to not more than 3 drinks per day of the weekend. It would really help to lessen the stress on your body if you ate something before drinking and stayed hydrated with water in between drinks. This will help you to not feel so groggy the next morning.


Don't stress

Going from a couple of days of sleeping in late, to waking up early is rough. Throw in a long commute, pushy bosses and hectic schedules, and you have a stress cocktail. Don't allow yourself to feel anxious or rushed. Before each task, starting with waking in the morning, do a short deep breathing exercise. Belly breathing is one of our favorites! It encourages your sympathetic nervous system to activate, which tells the body to calm down.


Switch it up a bit

Sometimes we get bored because we end up doing the same mundane things. Do something different on Monday. Eat something new, go for a short walk on your break or take a new route, or listen to a different music playlist. Give your brain something new to focus on to break up the monotony.


Brighten up your environment

Looking at the same boring desk can be a real eye roller. Put some flowers on your desk. You'll be able to enjoy them for the entire week. If flowers aren't your thing, put a different photo or quote on your desk or screen saver that makes you smile or laugh. Be sure to change it weekly.

New habits take a while to learn, so be consistent and persistent, and your attitude about Mondays will slowly start to change! Happy Monday!




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