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It's funny how people are totally ok with you, telling yourself "no", in order to tell themselves "yes", but can't deal when it's the other way around. What's up with that? And on top of that, they never can accept the "no", they want an explanation. Well guess what? It's a big fat "N-O" to your explanation too honey! 

I Said It Nicely The First Time. Now You Gon' Get This "Attitude"

If you're like most people, you'll kindly let the person know that you can't do *insert the thing*. Even when they ask, "But why?" You'll probably give a vague explanation as to why, and in your mind, you're thinking, that should be sufficient. NOPE! NOOOPPPPE! Here comes nosey-no-name with a third request for more of an explanation. That's when you let them have it, because they've earned this so called "attitude."

I'm Pretty Sure That's A Run-On Sentence Ma'am

Since they're so damn nosey, tell em'! Tell them the👏🏽answer👏🏽 is👏🏽no👏🏽because: you started your period, and you have a migraine, and your body hurts, and you haven't eaten all day, and you're dehydrated, and your bills are late, and your dog is sick, and your mom doesn't feel well, and your job might fire you tomorrow, and your tooth hurts because you forgot to go to the dentist, and...they should be ready to stop you right about now, but don't let up, keep going lol! I'm just kidding—but I'm kinda not. 

The point I'm trying to make here, is that you don't owe a single soul an explanation as to why you just can't today. Should you choose to give them a small summary, is up to you, but never feel obligated. Teach people how to respect your boundaries by creating them.

Disclosure (AKA It Ain't My Fault)

Be warned, you may ruffle a few feathers in the process, but this is the only way to cultivate authentic connections, where being true to yourself doesn't offend someone else. 



This is so on point that it’s not even funny. People really be expecting you to say yes to everything they need and want. It’s ridiculous! But like you said, it’s about teaching people about your boundaries. Thank you for this.


Thanks for sharing. I need this today!


I love how you wrote this! It’s hilarious, but so true. I used to have problems with telling people no, but I got over that real fast. Thanks for the read!

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