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It's so easy to get lost in mundane routines. When I feel myself getting lost in my daily routines, I remind myself that I am alive by actively taking time to be present.

When life happens you can forget to take time out for yourself, so here are five ways you can reel it back in to center yourself:

Taking a warm shower or bath

Though this may seem like something we SHOULD be doing anyway, it hits different when you do it as an intentional act for self. Light a candle, use your favorite bubble bath and listen to your favorite bath time playlist. This small space in time can be both therapeutic and healing. Me personally, I like twerking in the shower lol. Hey, it’s “me” time, so I can do what I want! #nojudgement

Give yourself a massage

This is a time for you to really connect with your body. It is so easy to ignore our bodies and how we physically feel. Pick up your favorite oil or butter and massage yourself. Those shoulders are tense and those elbows are dry! Help your bawdy out and protect your skin.

Eat healthy things & drink water

This goes without saying, we all need nourishment. Eat things that you know will fuel your body and give you the energy to continue your day. When drinking your water, visualize it rehydrating your whole body, inside and out. Just like a sponge soaks up water our bodies will do the same. You may need to go the bathroom more, but it's a small price to pay for the benefit.


I know this may seem like and odd way to show yourself love, but being able tell someone how you feel or share your ideas is what leads us to being our authentic selves—also known as "keepin' it real." Too often we keep things in when we should let them out. Not only that, we forget to engage in conversation with others. By being hyper focused on our own thoughts, we miss out on getting another person’s input, which may ultimately help us make better choices and decisions. This is what we call living with intention and without regret!

Get back to your favorite things

Stop putting off doing the things you love. Take out some time and do them in whatever capacity possible. With everything going on, many of us are completely overwhelmed both physically and/or mentally. Doing things on our fun list might end up taking the back seat to things we feel are more important. But listen up buttercup, you are important. Your mental health and happiness is numero uno, so do the thing that makes you smile from ear to ear.

Make a habit of giving yourself permission to be happy no matter what position you are in, because it's a necessity. And another thing, you are a beautiful light and you deserve good things! 

If you don't already know, I love plants and best believe, I'm not just sitting around doing corporate “productive” things all day. I take time to love on my plants, more than I probably should, but that's my happy place. I say this to encourage you to step away from "life" and do more of the things that genuinely allow you to be thankful to be here today.

What are some ways that you show up for yourself that you think everyone should do? Comment below!

(Just a few of my plant babies)

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