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1. Let The Light In

Open your blinds and curtains! Natural sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D, AKA the happy vitamin. Vitamin D elevates your mood and just makes you feel good all over. Sunlight can also help to alleviate depressive symptoms. Don't forget your sunscreen though!

2. De-Clutter

We've talked about this one before. Clutter causes stress.  De-cluttering an area helps the space feel calmer and more open and also serves the utilitarian purpose of getting rid of things that are no longer needed.

Try to clear the area that are most commonly used areas such as kitchen tables, night stands, coffee tables and kitchen counters, etc.

3. Get You Some House Plants 

Incorporating plants into a household offers dozens of benefits. In addition to improving air quality, beautifying a space and adding personality to an area, living houseplants and fresh-cut flowers have also been shown to help improve your mental state.

4. Open Windows

Allow some fresh, clean air to enter the space. Stale air can un-knowingly create a stale vibe. Also, listening to the outdoor sounds like birds, the wind, or rainstorms, can have a calming effect.

5. Get Artsy

Find some art that speaks to you and hang it on the walls. Hang your favorite pieces in high-traffic areas. Maybe even consider hanging drawings done by the kids.

6. Re-decorate

Adding a pop of color to a room can immediately make the area feel brighter and livelier and, fortunately, it is one of the easiest changes a person can make. Place a few bright throw pillows on the couch or drape a pretty throw over the bed for an instant boost. Color is clinically proven to influence mood and lively colors like greens, yellows and reds can have an immediate positive impact happiness and energy.

7. Use Scent

Scent is a powerful sense. There are studies to show that aromatherapy can actually contribute to making people feel better. Try using one of your favorite essential oils with a diffuser, We like burning sage and incense. 

Have any additional tips we can add? Leave them in the comments below!


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